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Sobre vitormurta

Cantanhede, Coimbra,

Vitor Miguel Murta was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in May of 1979. Photographer and author. Since early that he like photography. His familiarity and interest was increasing more and more .In his youth he photographed with an analogic machine of his father, consolidating his knowledge reading, and training in this area.
Being an enamored by the photography from very soon, this art is for himself something that is present in all the moments of his life, such as a history that a photo explains, he dives in the freedom to create and transmit something, a message, a content and feel the essence of all the magic in each moment attracted by his camera.
His preferred area in photography is the nature and the people, and tries through her understanding to describe the meaning of life in a special form. He loves the color, the detail and mainly the imagination that he records in each photo. Each one clarifies different histories.
Vitor Murta likes traveling inside himself and around the world.
Personal interests: design, architecture, enterprises management, music, cinema, photography, sculpture, painting, computer, reading, writing, sport, travel, recognize new cultures.

At present, Vítor Murta has his works published in several on-line galleries, and in national exhibitions. He also participated in several photographic projects, magazines publishing and photography expositions.