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Alexander Kharlamov

Coventry, Reino Unido

Alexander A. Kharlamov / ????????? ?. ????????


I am not a photographer, I am an industrial engineer (MSc/BA) and researcher (MRes) by education, working on a PhD around visual analytics, behavioural operations and decision making.


Images are not a business for me, I do it for pleasure and I do not depend on it. However, art is a vital outlet from my quotidian.
I choose who, when and how I shoot. I do not take commissions, but I do sell prints and image rights of my existing work.


I was born in Moscow, now I am 26.

Lived nineteen years in Aveiro (Portugal), then in UK, Coventry.


Never had formal education in photography. However, my education provided me with learning methods enabling my the self-learning process.
My non-professional background is about seven years of live studio painting and seven years of music in a conservatory, piano.


I shoot people, if I accept the shoot I never charge for it. I shoot very few times per year, time is limited.
If you are interested in posing for me, feel free to contact me because I am constantly looking for new people to work with.

I mostly shoot medium format black and white film and also digital. I love shooting film and the development process, specifically Medium Format and now endeavouring into Large Format.

Last years I've been developing an hybrid process, which mixes medium format film photography and digital painting done on a tablet, I do all the development, scanning and painting myself.


I am fluent in English, Russian and Portuguese:

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