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Sobre Athanatos Joseph

Amsterdam and Roosendaal, Países Baixos


Yes, I do photography! After taking thousands of poor quality photographs, I thought and decided to enter the world of matte painting!
I present and create photorealistic environments using my own technique based on the principles of Matte Painting. From an initial sketch, I obtain a real scene through the use of photographs and the integration of these through brushes and correct lighting. The result is like playing at being God!
Matte Painting is a digital technique that allows you to create any kind of imaginary scenery from photographs and illustrations and the right mix of them to obtain realistic results with an impressive level of details. It is applied at a professional level in all types of fields, such as publishing, advertising, films and video games.
Any help that I can provide to the community, here I am at your disposal:

Joseph Van Leeuwen Athanatos